Why Envelopes Are an Important Element of Business Stationery

When it comes to business, image and impression are very significant. And when it comes to creating an image, they have a great saying – the devil, or god, depending on which way you look at it, is in fact, in the detail. The fact is that it is through the little details and personal touches that a business or professional becomes a brand, and business stationery is an important part of this.

It is important to think of business stationery as an extension of the personality of the individual professional, business or company. As such, the business stationery must reflect what the company stands for and exactly what it does! In a world of boring letterheads and bland envelopes, specially personalized business stationery exists that can help your brand stand out from the crowd.

So what exactly is business stationery? Clearly, it isn’t the pens and staplers you use in your business, but the communications material that you use to reach out to people. So, business stationery includes everything from business cards, letterheads, company greeting cards, and, last but not the least, envelopes for all your communications. Envelopes are often the most under-represented of all business stationery, and this is surprising, considering how significant they actually are!

So … why on earth are envelopes so important? After all, they are simply the carriers, the packaging in which you send the real relevant material; whether it is brochures, catalogs, bills, quotes, letters etc. It is true that envelopes are simply containers, but they are so much more than that. At the point that a potential or existing customer receives your mail, they are the first thing that people see.

In case of direct mail campaigns, this makes them the single determining factor of whether the recipient will even bother opening the letter. So even if you have the most attractive and impressive catalog or brochure, it may never get to see the light of day if it’s sitting insidiously inside a boring or unattractive envelope with no personality! Choosing the right type of envelope and where possible making it unique are the factors more important than many people realize.

So envelopes are often overlooked, but are in fact, a very significant part of a company’s official stationery. Fortunately, more and more small companies, enterprises and individual professionals are beginning to realize the importance of specialized business stationery. This means that a greater variety of products are now available, at increasingly affordable prices.

While many companies invest in custom designed stationery from designers, this is not necessarily the only way to go. Today, you can find numerous companies that offer services with various custom options, for all business stationery from letterheads to envelopes. This is often a cheaper option and invariably is as effective as individually custom designed material.

For instance, WindowEnvelopes.com offers custom envelopes, where you can customize different elements like the number of windows, size and shape of the envelope, as well as the type of paper and color. Choose from custom printing services, where you can have the company return address, name, logo etc. printed on the envelopes. Little tweaks like these can make a surprisingly big difference when it comes to making a mark and standing out.