Custom Printed Envelopes
vs. Print-Your-Own Envelopes

In today’s world, anyone can print anything they want to at home. Despite the fact that home printing is more accessible than ever before, there are still numerous local and online printing companies that are very successful. This fact begs the question: Why are people still buying printed materials rather than doing it themselves? There are several reasons why printing companies are still staying busy creating print materials for people all over the country.

Expensive Prices of Ink

One of the most important reasons that printing companies are still doing a good business is because home printing is very expensive. Home printers are extremely inexpensive with many of them priced under $50, but it is the home printer ink that is extremely expensive. Those tiny little ink cartridges that cost around $20 for one quarter of an ounce makes printer ink one of the most expensive items on the planet. There are 128 ounces in one gallon and if you are buying ink in one-quarter ounce sizes, you would need 512 of those tiny ink cartridges to fill a one-gallon bottle, making that bottle worth about $10,000.

The cost of printer ink is based on the research and development that goes into making useful ink. It is important that ink dries the moment that it hits the paper so that it does not smear. Ink needs to print precisely on the paper to show the unique dimensions of each letter and detailed features of the fonts. So, it is important that printer ink is not unique; each drop needs to be exactly the same as the other drop of printer ink.

Bulk Buying Makes Sense

Since most materials are less expensive when purchased in bulk, it makes sense that printers would be able to buy more ink at lower prices. Instead of buying several ink cartridges for color printing on your own, you simply need to place your order with the printing company and wait for it to arrive.

Easier to Hire Than to Print On Your Own

Ordering printed materials from a printing company is much easier than printing on your own. When you need products like envelopes, it can be challenging to get them to print perfectly with your own home printer. Small inkjet printers cannot hold many envelopes at once, so you will need to continually refill the envelope stack. You will also need to be sure that the address and logo are placed perfectly on the envelope and many home printers do not print evenly. If you are trying to print professionally looking business envelopes, you will most likely not be successful if you print them on your own.

Hiring a printer for your printed envelopes is easy. At, we take customized orders for envelopes of all sizes and shapes. We print in color or black ink, depending on your logo. We also include free shipping to keep things affordable. Our envelope prices are significantly less expensive than if you printed your own envelopes after buying the envelopes and the ink.