Printing Envelopes
Why Choose Recycled Paper Envelopes

When you are in need of printed envelopes, you can choose between recycled paper and regular paper. Paper is one of the easiest materials to recycle. It is not only beneficial for the environment to buy recycled paper and products that are made from recycled paper, but is it also important to recycle paper products that you are no longer using.

Reduce Carbon Dioxide

Manufacturers who use newly made paper send more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere due to the fact that trees need to be harvested. This causes a process called sequestration that occurs when more carbon is released that is absorbed. When paper is recycled, fewer trees are harvested, which actually keeps the air cleaner.

When manufacturers choose to use or make recycled paper, emissions from greenhouse gasses are reduced and energy consumption decreases. Landfills are not filled as quickly and less water is used for making and disposing of the paper.

Numbers Do Not Lie

The numbers that are tied to recycling paper tell the story. Recycling just one ton of paper saves so much energy that a home in the United States could run off of the energy for an entire year. The water that would be conserved is enough to fill half of a backyard swimming pool, and several cubic yard of landfill space would be left unfilled. In today’s world, over 60% of the paper that is used in the United States has been recycled at least once.

Who Is Going Green

Many offices, municipal buildings, and schools have gone to programs where they only buy and use recycled paper. As more and more of your potential clients are working hard to preserve the environment for later generations, you can show that you and your business care, by purchasing envelopes from recycled paper.

Sadly, paper cannot be recycled forever. It does have limits and at one point, the fibers will no longer be able to be reused. Until then, it is a good idea to use recycled paper as often as possible. As more and more businesses go as paperless as possible, using recycled paper is a good way to prove to your commitment to going green. Since there are still many things that need to be sent in the mail, it is difficult to not use envelopes; you might as well use the most environmentally friendly envelopes that you can.

City Recycling Programs

With the fact that many large cities use curbside recycling, it is easier than ever for businesses of all sizes to get busy reducing the amount of paper that they throw away. It does not matter if the paper is printed in color or in black, because the paper is what is recycled and the ink is washed off of the paper. While many other products are recyclable, paper is the least expensive and easiest to reuse.

When you are in the market for recycled paper envelopes, you simply need to contact us and place a customized order with your name and logo printed on recycled paper.